Runescape Cities: Barbarian Village City Guide

Barbarian Village is a civilization run by the uncivilized. But despite it, there are a few things you can do here, which include Mining, Fishing, and Crafting. Generally, though, this place is seldom set foot on by anything but passers-by on their way to Varrock, Falador or Edgeville.


Special Attractions
Entrance to Edgeville Dungeon

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Barbarian MineThis is just over the river next to Barbarian Village. It leads to the giants’ area of the Edgeville Dungeon. It is usually crowded with level 40 to 60 players, because the giants drop well and give good experience. If you wish to use this entrance, you are required to have a brass key.

Mining Site

Barbarian Village has one mining area, located in the center of the village. There are four coal rocks and five tin rocks and they surround the entrance to the Stronghold of Security.

The Pottery house

This room has two pottery wheels and one pottery oven, making it an ideal spot for beginning crafters to level up. For more information on crafting, check the Crafting guide.

Gunthor’s Hall

Gunthor the brave resides here, along with others of his brethren. His house has four beer spawns, two cooked meat spawns, and two everlasting fires. Due to the tables, rangers are always putting their bows and arrows to good use here.


Canoes are a transportation style for members. One can canoe from Lumbridge all the way up the Lum river to Edgeville. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn more about how to use canoes and where you can land them.

Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security is a four-level dungeon where players must answer questions based upon account security to go through doors further into the dungeon. The further into the dungeon one goes, the more dangerous it becomes; though it is possible for level 3’s to run through the entire dungeon, as there are many locations where one can sit to regain their hits. On each level of the dungeon is a reward zone where you can gain new emotes and at the last, one can choose a pair of boots to wear. The 2 types of boots have the same stats, they just look different.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Dark
  • Dwarf Theme

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