Runescape Cities: Brimhaven and Musa Point City Guide

While Brimhaven is a members only area, the area east of it, as well as Crandor, is accessible to free players. Brimhaven is famous to members for its Agility arena, and Brimhaven Dungeon for it’s metal dragons, while the free area section of Karamja is widely known for its fishing locations. Karamja is the only island along with Crandor that free players can access.


Special Attractions
Brimhaven Dungeon

The Brimhaven Dungeon, or metal dragon dungeon, is located just south-west of Brimhaven. To gain access to the dungeon, you must pay Saniboch 875gp. Don’t forget to take a hatchet to chop the vines! Level 15 agility is required to pass the obstacles in this dungeon, and level 5 woodcutting is required to chop the vines. Inside the dungeon, there are bronze, iron, and steel dragons, wild dogs, moss giants, greater demons, black demons and fire giants. For more information, see the Brimhaven Dungeon guide.


This is Crandor, a small island accessible from Karamaja’s dungeon and by boat in the Dragon Slayer quest. It also has areas for combat training and multiple mining locations.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Screenshot NPCs 

Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Key Hobgoblins (Level 28)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Key King Scorpions (Level 38)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Key Lesser Demon (Level 82)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Key Moss Giants (Level 42)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Key Skeletons (Level 22)


Zybez RuneScape Help's Mithril Ore key
Zybez RuneScape Help's Coal Ore key
Zybez RuneScape Help's Adamant Ore key
Zybez RuneScape Help's Gold Ore key

Zybez RuneScape Help's Crandor Moss Giant Screenshot
Dead Man’s Chest pub

Talk to the Bartender to buy a beer for 1gp or a grog for 3gp. A grog will lower your attack by 6, but it will heal 30 life points and add 3 to your strength level.

Player Owned House

There is a portal out the front of the house that you must go through to be able to enter your own, or a friends house. If you wish to move, speak to the Real Estate Agent located in Varrock. It will cost you 15,000gp to move here.

Mining Locations

Brimhaven South Mine
Zybez RuneScape Help's South Brimhaven Mine Screenshot

Brimhaven North Mine
Zybez RuneScape Help's Brimhaven North Mine Screenshot

Agility Arena

This is one of the main attractions for Brimhaven. Pay Cap’n Izzy No-Beard 200gp to enter and you will be able to gather tickets. These tickets can later be redeemed for prizes from Pirate Jackie the Fruit. For more information on the agility arena, visit our Agility guide.

This is a popular training place for a wide variety of RuneScape players. Here you will encounter giant bats (level-27), skeletons (level-22, 25, 45), lesser demons (level-82), and deadly red spiders (level-34). This dungeon is also the home of the famous dragon, Elvarg (level-83). You will need to defeat this dragon during the Dragon Slayer quest.

A recent addition to the game brings the TzHaar Fighting Pits to the Karamja Volcano. The TzHaar Fighting Pits is a mini game, whereby you must kill as many monsters as possible to gain Tokkul to buy items from the TzHaar stores.

Luthas’ Banana Plantation

If by any chance you forget your boat fare to get off Karamja, head over to the banana plantation. Talk to Luthas and he will agree to pay you 30gp to help him fill up his crate with ten bananas. The banana trees are located west of his house.

The banana plantation also contains a famous fishing spot for free players. The Plantation Fishing Dock will allow you to catch shrimps, sardine, herring, anchovies, tuna, lobster, and swordfish. This is one of two places available to free players where tuna, lobsters, and swordfish can be caught (the other is in the wilderness).

Leaving the Island

There are two locations on the northern part of Karamja where you can leave the island. There is a port north of Brimhaven, which sails to Ardougne, and a port on the far eastern part of the island, which sails to Port Sarim. However when leaving the island you will be inspected by Custom Officers in case you’re trying to smuggle Karamja Rum off the island. These trips will cost you 30gp.

Charter Ships

Certain ships at ports throughout RuneScape now have the ability to charter you to a number of locations. The sailers also stock certain items that they’ve picked up along their travels throughout RuneScape that you are able to buy. The Brimhaven charter ship departs north of Brimhaven to Catherby (480gp), Karamja (480gp), Mos Le’harmless (725gp), Port Khazard (400gp), Port Phasmatys (3,650gp), Port Sarim (1,600gp), Shipyard (400gp), Tyras Camp (3,200gp). While the east Karamja charter near the banana plantation departs to Brimhaven (200gp), Catherby (480gp), Mos Le’harmless (225gp), Port Khazard (400gp), Port Phasmatys (1,850gp), Shipyard (200gp), Tyras Camp (3,200gp). To halve the cost of these charter ships, wear a ring of charos (a).

The Diary of Achievement is a series of tasks assigned by people around the island of Karamja. The tasks are completed for rewards, such as gloves. Brimhaven is where Jackie the Fruit resides, who will assign you the Easy tasks. Once you have completed these, you can return to him for your Easy Gloves. After completing the Medium and Hard tasks, you can go to Kaleb Paramaya and the Jungle Forester to claim your rewards.

  • Tribal Totem: A Native Totem pole has been stolen, to help retrieve it and to start this quest, talk to Kangai Mau in the Shrimp and Parrot.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Attack2
  • High Seas
  • Jolly R
  • Jungle Island
  • Jungly2
  • Landlubber
  • Sea Shanty

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