Runescape Cities: Brimhaven and Musa Point City Guide

While Brimhaven is a members only area, the area east of it, as well as Crandor, is accessible to free players. Brimhaven is famous to members for its Agility arena, and Brimhaven Dungeon for it’s metal dragons, while the free area section of Karamja is widely known for its fishing locations. Karamja is the only island along with Crandor that free players can access.

Runescape Quest Guide: the Blood Pact

RuneScape the Blood Pact is the first free quest since the Rune Mysteries back in 2003. If you have obtained 300 points elsewhere in the world you are then ready to begin the Blood Pact. The whole thing is quite straight forward and it shouldn’t tax you too much.

It starts in the Lumbridge Graveyard; here you will meet Xiena and she wastes no time telling you about her current problems. Apparently she has found out that some Zamorak cultists have taken another girl hostage. If you agree to take this mission you will then get to see a cut scene where a girl called Illona is taken hostage by three members of the Zamorak Cult.

At the beginning of the RuneScape the Blood Pact Quest you walk into a room but before you can do anything one of the cultists will hit Xiena. You are now left to fight Kayle alone, but it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem. He has a combat level of 3 and if you somehow get too injured you can turn to Xiena who will be able to cure you. Kayle has twenty life points and you just need to keep running at him; if you want you can use the pillars for cover. Once you dispatch him make sure that you take the weapons; you will need these later in the quest. You should also remember to question Kayle before leaving this room; you will find out about the planned ritual.

RuneScape the Blood Pact Quest Guide

The next room you hit contains Cailin and she will use magic to attack you. There is a hole in the ground separating you from her and you will need to get close enough to attack here; while at the same time dealing with the attacks coming your way. Use the bow and arrow that you took from Kayle and you should win this one easy as well. Once you have disabled her ask more questions and you will find out more of the Zamorak plans. Take her stuff (staff and runes) and head onwards with your quest.

Runescape Dungeons

The last person you need to face is the warrior Resse. Make sure you equip the staff you have just taken from Cailin and head down the stairs. This cultist is actually the easiest of the lot to beat. Once you have done this you can question him, but before you can take his stuff he will swallow a poison. You have found Illona; talk to her briefly before taking her out of the dungeons.

You are now almost finished RuneScape the Blood Pact. All you have to do is talk with Xenia. You will be awarded 100 XP for magic, defense, attack, ranged, and strength. You will also now be allowed access to the Catacomb Dungeons in Lumbridge. If you want to find out more about what is going on you can continue to question Xenia; she will also tell you a bit about herself. Xenia admits that she wasn’t badly injured by Kayle but had just wanted to see how good you are.

RuneScape the Blood Pact

Runescape Bank Pictures

Runescape bank pictures.

Runescape Guide: Agility Dungeon, Yanille

The Yanille agility dungeon can be accessed from two points. The first point being north of Yanille which requires you to slash a web then cross a ledge, and the second point being a staircase near the bank of Yanille which afterwards requires level 82 thieving to picklock a door.

This dungeon is known as the ‘Agility Dungeon‘ because of the large number of Agility obstacles. For more information on these, visit the Agility skill guide.

The main point of interest is Salarin the Twisted. To reach him, you need level 67 agility. He can only be killed with strike spells; however if you manage to kill him, he may drop a key called the Sinister Key. This key opens the Sinister Chest in the western part of the dungeon, which contains a total of 9 herbs including the rare herb Torstol. For more information on this herb, visit the Herblore skill guide.Zybez RuneScape Help Yanille Map

Players’ Gallery – Join the Carnival of Colours

It’s time to get festive! The next Players’ Gallery will be all about Carnival, an explosion of colours and dancing. Get out your wackiest colours and get those creative cogs whirring. We’d love to see what you can come up with.

Maybe it’ll be RuneScape in all its glory and colours, or perhaps festive adventurers making a conga line across the continent while enjoying festive foods and all that comes with Carnival. It’s all up to you.

So why not get your old palette out from that dusty box in your basement and release your inner “Henry the Psychotic Portrait-Painter” to produce some awesome artwork?

We want to show your artwork to the whole RuneScape community in a couple of weeks’ time. Send your fabulous art pieces to as soon as you can.

This month’s theme is a very festive one, so we expect some jammin’ submissions with loads of colour and all that jazz (samba ideally, but we won’t narrow it down).

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Runescape Bots Powerbot RSBOT

What is RSBot?

RSBot is an immensely popular and successful bot for RuneScape. It plays the game for you, gaining levels while you sleep or go to school!

The program source code is completely open and free – whether you’re a Java expert or just keen to explore, the bot is a valuable learning resource.

Who are we?

This site is a community forum for anyone interested in learning about Java and RuneScape cheating. We have many sections for the diverse culture of our visitors and appreciate the contribution from everyone.

Why do we exist?

We are the #1 ranking RuneScape cheating fansite in terms of growth and popularity. Our philosophy is based on transparency and education, as well as having fun with other real people with similar interests.

Here we take pride in excellence – we crackdown hard on scammers and viruses so all our members are completely safe.

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