Zybez vs Saradomin

Are you up to the challenge? ‘Cause we are!

Event: Zybez vs. Saradomin
Date: Saturday, 8 January 2011
Time: 1:00 PM EST, 06:00 PM GMT
Place: God Wars Dungeon
World: 84 (Members)
Host: Cthulthu
Clan Chat: Cthulthu
Irc Channel: #zybez

– 70 Agility
– If it’s your first time to Godwars, you need 3 ropes.
– If it’s your first time to Saradimin, but not to the dungeon, bring 2 ropes.

– 70+ Range if ranging
– 70+ Attack/Strength if melee
– 70+ Defence/Constitution
– Ability to use Magic protection
-Saradomin hits hard and fast, be ready to run from the boss at all times.
-ALWAYS pray Mage protect.
-The boss will switch who she focuses on, so be on guard.
-Leechers will be kicked and banned from my future events at my discretion. Leeching includes (but not limited to) a) Not attacking the boss or minions for multiple rounds, b) killing minions while not having ls/cs turned on in an attempt to get a solo drop, c) having less than 3 items (one of which must be a decent weapon, which i will be the judge of).
-Finally, If you want to have a problem free event, make sure you add the account of the CC you’re in and stay on the world in which the CC’s event is being held in. This is to avoid you accidentally being removed from my friends list when i make space for new people.

Zybez God Wars Guide | TJ’s God War Guide | Forum Event Topic


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