The Quartermaster’s Market – Best Trader

Good day my noble tradesfolk.

Firstly, I was thoroughly impressed with how the trading community saw an opportunity to make some money out of the slaughterfest of Valentine’s weekend. My business-savvy merchants came up with a range of entertaining pitches to grab the attentions of passing Wilderness adventurers and duly posted them on the Quartermaster’s Market thread. Remember that ‘stores aren’t just for storing’, not when there’s a prince’s ransom to be made!

I have to say, my favourite post was from Til’s Pizza and Pub – a most remarkable selection of delicious goods delivered right to your spot in the Wilderness (normal caveats apply for extreme risk of death en route). Now that’s customer service!

So well done, Til – a small token of appreciation is winging its way to you.

And special mentions must go to the other salesmen whose pitches tickled my fancy:

  • KinG x BLiTZ and his curious black market where everything is sold out…
  • Eronaay –for the most violent mud pies ever created
  • Deserted – for just being so desperate to get people’s attention!
  • Gitanuca1 – for attempting the impossible, an setting up a Wilderness estate agents (and all of the staff dying as a result) a noble folly!
  • Ghoul Dragon – for being prepared to “do anything for your money” !


Happy trading and remember, it’s okay to stab your business rivals in the back…!

The Quartermaster

In Other News…

Feeling fruitful? Get over to Karamja on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of February and join in with the Spring Clean. The Spring Clean community event aims to control the population of snakes, scorpions and monkeys of Musa Point. Prepare yourself by filling your inventory with plenty of açaí berry bowls then join them in this tropical event. The berries will boost your health and give you a head start in this combat fest!


Players’ Gallery – Join the Carnival of Colours

It’s time to get festive! The next Players’ Gallery will be all about Carnival, an explosion of colours and dancing. Get out your wackiest colours and get those creative cogs whirring. We’d love to see what you can come up with.

Maybe it’ll be RuneScape in all its glory and colours, or perhaps festive adventurers making a conga line across the continent while enjoying festive foods and all that comes with Carnival. It’s all up to you.

So why not get your old palette out from that dusty box in your basement and release your inner “Henry the Psychotic Portrait-Painter” to produce some awesome artwork?

We want to show your artwork to the whole RuneScape community in a couple of weeks’ time. Send your fabulous art pieces to as soon as you can.

This month’s theme is a very festive one, so we expect some jammin’ submissions with loads of colour and all that jazz (samba ideally, but we won’t narrow it down).

Mod Turtle
Community Management

PvP – President versus President!


Image via Wikipedia

It’s Presidents Day in the US on Monday 21st February and to celebrate it in true RuneScape style, we thought it would be a perfect excuse for some more Wilderness carnage!

So, for each of the 44 presidents who have served the United States, we have given them a dedicated F2P world – find the list of worlds here. All you have to decide is which of the presidents is your favourite, go to that world and start fighting!

We will track kill counts for each world and update them on this forum thread; the world with the highest kill count for Monday means that is clearly your favourite president! Who said extreme violence couldn’t be informative?

You brought back the Wildy…now you can prove it!

You never cease to amaze me, and that’s never been truer than last month, when over 1 million of you took part in bringing back the Wilderness by voting for its return in our biggest-ever poll. We couldn’t have brought back the Wilderness without your votes and support, so, to celebrate the vital part you played in its return, we are creating a unique piece of art featuring the username of every single one of you who helped bring it back.

We plan to make this piece of art available for you to view on our website next Tuesday, so, from then, each time you tell someone that YOU helped bring back the Wilderness, you’ll be able to prove it!

Your 1 million names will be brought together to proudly state “We brought the Wilderness back!” and, so, if you voted for it, you will find your RuneScape name immortalised in this glorious tech art.

Being a part of RuneScape history is a big deal and it’s very likely that you’ll want to show your friends that you contributed to this great event. So, if you’re a Facebook user, you will be able to view the image on, log in using your Facebook login details, zoom in on the artwork and ‘tag’ yourself!

Having never attempted anything like this before, it would be incredible if we could get everyone who voted to tag themselves on the image to show the world the power, strength and size of our fantastic community.


Skill Bonanza: Urns, Ashes and Shortcuts

Today’s update is a skiller’s paradise, with updates for crafters, prayer-lovers and agility fanatics. Make urns that benefit a number of other skills, scatter demon ashes, and build permanent agility shortcuts.

Urn Crafting

No matter what your Crafting level, you are now able to make urns for Cooking, Fishing, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting and Prayer (but more on the Prayer urns later) at any pottery oven. Form it, fire it and attach an appropriate rune to it and you’ll be able to carry the urn when training the related skill. There’s no effort required, as your urn will fill up passively as you train, until it becomes full and you can teleport it away for a tidy batch of XP.

Urns can be made from Crafting level 1 all the way up level 81; the higher your Crafting level, the higher quality your urns will be. Higher quality urns are able to collect by-products from a wider range of fish, logs, ores, etc. For example, a cracked fishing urn (made at level 1 Crafting) will fill up if you’re fishing catches below Fishing level 10; however, a decorated fishing urn (made at level 76 Crafting) will fill up when you are catching any type of fish.

Urns are made just like any other pottery, but require two pieces of soft clay. Once it has been fired, you can either trade it or add a rune to ‘activate’ it. You can then start to fill up activated urns – with the ability to check how full they are – and then teleport them away once full. Wondering where all your urns go? In south-east Varrock there is an interesting newcomer: Ernie, the urn collector. Ernie will offer help on making or using these urns.

Pottery Improvements

To ease the pottery process, you can now make soft clay directly at a water source (you no longer need a container for the water). Additionally, new clay mining sites have been discovered south of Barbarian Village and near Draynor Village, and there is also a new pottery building in south-east Varrock, on the bottom floor of Ernie’s house.

Demon Ashes and Prayer Urns

Demon slayers will find that, from now on, their demonic prey has a new 100% drop. These will be impious ashes (from imps and fiends), accursed ashes (lesser and greater demons) or infernal ashes (black and abyssal demons, nechryaels, boss demons), depending on the demon defeated. Any ashes you currently own will remain as just that: ashes, like you get from burning logs.

Much like bones can be buried for some immediate Prayer XP, these ashes can be scattered (including at a POH altar). Alternatively, you may want to keep hold of ashes to use at the Ectofuntus, where they effectively work as pre-ground bones, which will save you a bit of grinding… To tie in with the pottery crafting update, you’re also able to make prayer urns – urns that automatically collect the ash of any demons you defeat, and which can be teleported away for bonus Prayer XP in the same way as the other urns.

Shortcut Improvements

Finally, we’ve made some changes to a handful of shortcuts and transportation methods to streamline their use. First off, we’ve made the River Lum canoe system available to free-players. At points along the Lum, you can build canoes to take you on a one-way trip into the Wilderness. You can even now borrow a hatchet off one of the canoe tutors.

Members can also use their Construction skill to build hidey-holes at crossbow shortcuts and rope racks at eagle eyries/Baxtorian Falls. In these will be stored crossbows/grapples and ropes, so you won’t need to carry these items in order to make use of these shortcuts and transport methods.

Mod Ana (urns and pottery updates) and Mod Dylan (ashes and shortcuts)
RuneScape Content Developers


In other news…

The legendary wolf, Hati, has retired to a colder land, so players will no longer be able to hunt him. The gloves fashioned out of his paws still have his lingering magic effects on them, but this will disperse on Tuesday 10th May, so make sure to use their power up if you haven’t already!

An exotic delicacy awaits you near a banana plantation…