Runescape Cities: Bandit Camp (Wilderness)

The Bandit Camp is located north of the Dark Warrior Fortress, between levels 19 and 24 wilderness; a multi-combat zone. Although there is the risk of being killed by other players, the bandit camp is the best place for making pizzas in the game. It offers all supplies to make every type of pizza in F2P

Special Attractions
Pizza Making

This is a great place to make pizzas. In the northern house where Fat Tony resides, there’s a cheese and a tomato spawn. There is also a range to cook pizzas on, rats to get meat from, and a fishing spot to catch anchovies at. A net spawns in the ruins to the west of the Bandit Camp.

Clue Scroll

If you ever get the clue scroll saying “Property of Black Heather”, talk to Black Heather, who is in the Bandit Camp, to get the key.

The general store buys items for medium prices, which is about the same as the sell prices at other general stores.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Legion
Fat Tony 

Tony’s Pizza Bases
Bandit Camp (Wilderness)

Neil’s Wilderness Cape Shop
Bandit Camp (Wilderness)

Bandit Duty Free
Bandit Camp (Wilderness)
Speedy Keith 

Nice hair.
34 370 Melee
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), level 19-23 north-west of Edgeville
Donny the Lad 

Has a fearsome posture.
34 370 Melee
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), level 19-23 north-west of Edgeville
Black Heather 

Has a fearsome scowl.
34 380 Melee
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), level 19-23 north-west of Edgeville
Guard bandit 

Bandit Camp guard.
22 290 Melee
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), level 19-23 north-west of Edgeville

A wilderness outlaw.
22 270 Melee
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), level 19-23 north-west of Edgeville
Giant rat 

Overgrown vermin.
6 100 Melee
Varrock south-east; North-east Varrock, level 1-5 wilderness; Bandit Camp (Wilderness); Lumbridge Swamp; Tree Gnome Village
Giant rat 

Overgrown vermin.
3 50 Melee
Varrock Sewers; west of Port Sarim jail; Edgeville Dungeon; Bandit Camp (Wilderness); Tree Gnome Stronghold; Tree Gnome Village; behind Lumbridge castle.

PvP – President versus President!


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It’s Presidents Day in the US on Monday 21st February and to celebrate it in true RuneScape style, we thought it would be a perfect excuse for some more Wilderness carnage!

So, for each of the 44 presidents who have served the United States, we have given them a dedicated F2P world – find the list of worlds here. All you have to decide is which of the presidents is your favourite, go to that world and start fighting!

We will track kill counts for each world and update them on this forum thread; the world with the highest kill count for Monday means that is clearly your favourite president! Who said extreme violence couldn’t be informative?