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RuneScape Guide: Agility

1.0 – Introduction

Agility is a skill that is only available for members. It is slow and takes a fairly long time to train. However it is quite beneficial in a variety of different ways. Having a higher Agility level, for example, increases the rate at which your Run energy is restored. Agility allows access to certain areas and quests of RuneScape, for example, the Agility Dungeon, Yanille, Tirannwn, or being able to do the Regicide quest. The main benefit of Agility, however, is the ability to use the various shortcuts around RuneScape. These shortcuts allow for faster access to a number areas.

More benefits of Agility include being able to:


2.0 – Agility Courses

There are many methods to train your Agility, the quickest way being the Agility courses located throughout RuneScape. Each Agility course requires a different Agility level to enter and use the obstacles. All of these Agility training areas are marked by the Zybez RuneScape Help's City Key of an Agility Training Spot icon on the minimap.

When using these courses to train, generally you will be running quite a bit, so only carry items that you will need. Also, always wearing weight-reducing gear to help make your run energy last longer is extremely helpful. Some pieces of equipment that you can use include: Spotted cape, Spottier cape, Boots of lightness, Penance gloves, Agile legs, and Agile top, all of which are very useful. Try not to wear anything else if they are not needed to save energy.

Most of the courses you will be training at have obstacles that can be failed, which will deal small amounts of damage to you. Because of this, you will need to heal, mainly using food (for example, Lobsters or Cake). An Enhanced Excalibur allows you to heal 200 life points with its special attack, making it extremely useful while training Agility where it would replace the need to bring too much food. It requires completion of all of the Seers’ Village Easy, Medium, and Hard tasks. This is increased to 400 life points if the Elite tasks are also completed.

2.1 – Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

Usually, this is the first course that players will start to train with, as this is the first Agility course players have access to, and there is no Agility requirement to enter. The course is located in the south-east area of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and has two routes: a low-level route which is described just below, and an advanced-level route for players with level 85 Agility or higher (see section 2.11).

Gnome Stronghold Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Log Balance 7.5 No
First Net 7.5 No
Tree Branch 5 No
Tight Rope 7.5 No
Second Tree Branch 5 No
Second Net 7.5 No
Pipe 7.5 No
Lap completion bonus 39
Total 89.5
Average XP/h 6,500

2.2 – Penguin Iceberg

Zybez RuneScape Help's Penguin Agility Course Image

The Penguin Agility course is unlocked during the Cold War quest, and once you have completed the quest, you will be able to access the Agility course. This course requires an Agility level of 30 to navigate.

Note: Because the cape, weapon, and shield slot must be free to train here, Penance horns cannot be used.

You will need the Clockwork suit that you made during the quest (made on a Clockworker’s bench with 1 Silk, Plank, and Clockwork). To get to the Agility course, travel to the Iceberg by taking the boat by the Rock crabs east of Rellekka, or south of the polar Hunter area.

You will need to change into your penguin form once there, so talk to either Larry who is located by the constructed hideout, or Jim the polar bear (if you have completed Hunt For Red Raktuber, The) who can be found by the stepping stones north-east. Head north-west and investigate the avalanche, then step through the first west door along the corridor. Continue walking to get to the course. Even with a high Agility level, you can still fail all of the obstacles here, so it is wise to bring along some food with you.

Penguin Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Platform climb 55 Yes
Complete platform jumps 80 Yes
Icicles (x4) 40 Yes
Ice slope 180 Yes
Lap completion bonus 65
Total 540
Average XP/h 12,000

2.3 – Barbarian Outpost

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

Barbarians are known for keeping their massively muscled bodies and peak fitness. If you enjoy staying in shape as much as the barbarians, you should try your skills at their very own Agility course. The Agility course requires level 35 Agility to attempt, and is located south of the Lighthouse around the back of the Barbarian Assault activity building.

You can travel there by walking north from the Baxtorian Waterfall using the shortcut in the north-east corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, teleporting directly there through Lunar Magicks, or by using a Games necklace which will take you outside the Barbarian Assault mini-game building.

Note: In order to use this Agility course, you must prove your worth as a barbarian by completing the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl.

The experience table shown here is for the basic Barbarian Agility course. The extended Agility course rewards Players with more experience and requires level 90 Agility or higher (see section 2.12).

Barbarian Outpost Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Entrance tunnel 10 No
Rope Swing 22 Yes
Balance log 13.7 Yes
Obstacle Net 8.2 No
Balance Ledge 22 Yes
Wall climb 13.7 No
Lap completion bonus 46
Total 139.5
Average XP/h 10,100

2.4 – Brimhaven Agility Arena

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Agility Arena is an activity that will make Agility more fun to train. There is no level requirement to enter the arena; however, it is recommended to have at least 40 Agility in order to attempt all of the obstacles, allowing players to navigate the shortest distance between the Ticket dispensers. The Agility Arena is located in north-eastern Brimhaven, just past the gate at Musa Point.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The arena consists of an array of platforms, each of which has a Ticket dispenser. In order to receive tickets, you must tag the dispenser while the yellow arrow is still visible above the dispenser. The arrow remains above the dispenser for a short period of time, making it very important for players to find the shortest path to the next dispenser. Players must tag at least two dispensers for their first ticket, after which each subsequent dispenser will reward them with a ticket once tagged.

To enter the Agility Arena, you must pay a fee of 200gp. This fee can be reduced to 100gp through charming with a Ring of Charos(a). Wearing Karamja gloves 2 or above will allow players to enter the arena free of charge, as well as receive more experience per obstacle and when trading in tickets for experience.

Note: If you miss a dispenser, your count will reset. You can check this by looking in the top-left corner of your game screen: if the squares are red, you need to restart tagging dispensers; if there is one green square you need to tag another to start getting tickets; if there are two green squares then you should be collecting tickets with each tag.

When crossing the Saw obstacle, players must click on the other side of the saw blade to pass the obstacle. Also note that if you fail the Darts obstacle, you will temporarily lose 2 Agility levels. For this reason, it is advisable to wait until level 50 or above before training at the Agility Arena, as this gives players at least 6 attempts at passing the Darts obstacle. Alternatively, Agility potions can be used to restore levels if needed.

Brimhaven Agility Arena Obstacles
Level Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
1 Low Wall 8 Yes
1 Balancing Ropes 10 Yes
1 Ledge 16 Yes
1 Rope Swing 20 Yes
1 Plank 6 Yes
1 Saw 0 Yes
20 Monkey Bars 14 Yes
20 Pillars 18 Yes
20 Balancing Log 12 Yes
20 Handholds 22 Yes
20 Spikes 24 Yes
20 Pressure Pad 26 Yes
40 Blades 28 Yes
40 Darts 30 Yes


Ticket Exchange Table
Tickets Item/Experience Gained
1 240 exp (240 per ticket)
3 Clean toadflax
5 Clean wergali
10 2,480 exp (248 per ticket)
10 Clean snapdragon
25 6,500 exp (260 per ticket)
100 28,000 exp (280 per ticket)
800 Pirate’s hook
1000 320,000 exp (320 per ticket)

Note: In order to gain the items or experience, you will need to talk to Pirate Jackie the Fruit, of whom is located in the hut where you enter the arena.

2.5 – Agility Pyramid

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Pyramid agility course is located to the south-west of Nardah/north-east of Sophanem. This Agility course is located in a desert zone, so you will need either Waterskins or an Enchanted water tiara (obtained from the Dealing with Scabaras). It is also recommended that you bring along Desert robes, which can be purchased at Shantay Pass, in order to last longer in the desert.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

To get to the Agility arena, you should take a magic carpet ride from the Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid. Due to an update, players no longer need to have their hands free to ride the carpet. Take a carpet ride to Pollnivneach (200gp; less if you wear a Ring of charos(a)). Head to the Rug merchant in the southern area of Pollnivneach and take a carpet ride to Nardah. Once in Nardah, visit the bank to ensure that you have everything you need.

Now you’re ready make your way south-west of Nardah, until you get to the Pyramid. To enter the Pyramid, you must have 30 Agility. Climb down the rocks (gives 5 Agility XP), and if this is your first time here, speak to Simon Templeton. He will tell you about the Pyramid.

The main objective of the course is to get to the Pyramid’s peak via the outer walls. You will encounter obstacles along the way that may knock you down to a lower level. When you fail an obstacle, you will be dealt 60-100 damage.

Once you reach the top level, climb the rocks on the wall to retrieve the Pyramid top. Once you have this, pass the two final obstacles to get to the doorway, then enter it. You will now be back at the entrance where you can repeat the course again. Talk to Simon Templeton to sell your Pyramid tops for 1,000gp each.

A higher Agility level is a great advantage here, as you will not fail the obstacles as often. Those with Agility levels under 50 should train their Agility at other courses before attempting the Agility pyramid, as you may fail too often to be able to get the most out of this course.

Pyramid Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can fail?
Rolling block 12 Yes
Low Wall 8 Yes
Ledge 52 Yes
Plank 56.4 Yes
Cross Gap 56.4 Yes
Jump Gap 22 Yes
Lap completion bonus 300
Total 1014
Average XP/h 26,000

2.6 – Ape Atoll

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

Upon completing Monkey Madness you will gain access to the Ape Atoll Agility arena. You will need 48 Agility and a Ninja monkey greegree in order to use this course. This arena is located on the northern half of Ape Atoll; go south-east of the Magic shop until you find a bridge, cross the bridge and go south-west and you should see the start of the course next to a sign. To be safe, remain in Ninja monkey form while you are on the island and making your way to the Agility course. Alternatively, for those who have completed King Awowogei’s section of the Recipe for Disaster quest and level 67 Magic, the Teleport to Ape Atoll spell can be used. Players who have completed Fairy Tale III – Orks Rift can use Fairy Rings to teleport directly to the course by dialling C-L-R.

It is recommended that you bring a knife with you and collect the Pineapples near the start of the Agility course. These make an excellent free source of food if you need to heal yourself. An optional item to bring is an Enhanced Excalibur for the special attack, but take caution as wielding it unequips your greegree, reverting you back into human form. The best time to use the special attack is right before the Monkey bar obstacle, as you won’t get attacked by the Monkeys on the island.

Remember that whilst you are in your monkey form, nothing will attack you or damage you other than from failing the obstacles. At level 75 Agility, you will stop failing the obstacles completely, although at roughly 65 Agility you will only fall occasionally.

Note: You must have any ninja Monkey Greegree; any other Greegree will not work.

Monkey Agility Arena Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Stepping Stone 40 Yes
Tropical Tree (Climb Up) 40 Yes
Monkey Bars 40 Yes
Skull Slope 60 Yes
Rope Swing 100 Yes
Tropical Tree (Climb Down) 300 Yes
Lap completion bonus None
Total 580
Average XP/h 48,000

2.7 – Wilderness Course

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Wilderness Agility course is one of the most dangerous Agility training arenas throughout RuneScape. However, it ranks as one of the fastest methods of gaining Agility experience in the game, especially when combined with Brawling gloves (agility) (see our Brawling gloves guide for more details). You need level 52 Agility to enter.

Before you enter the course, you will have to cross a narrow ledge. Crossing this obstacle rewards you 15 exp, but if failed, you will fall down amongst a pack of aggressive White wolves.

While training in the Wilderness Agility course, players need to watch out for other aggressive players as they are often deadly. It is recommended to carry a fair amount of high healing food for emergency use, as well as an Antipoison potion and possibly a weapon for self-defence. When attacked, proceed towards the rope swing obstacle and climb down the ladder. Make your way past the Skeletons to reach a safe area, and if no longer pursued, players can log out and switch worlds.

Wilderness Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can fail?
Pipe 12.5 No
Rope Swing 20 Yes
Stepping Stones 20 Yes
Log 20 Yes
Rock Climb 0 No
Lap Bonus 498.9 No
Lap completion bonus 498.9
Total 571.4
Average XP/h 42,000

2.8 – Skullball and Werewolf Course

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Werewolf Agility course is located east of Canifis, in a small hut. You will need a Ring of Charos(a) to enter the arena. This area consists of two courses: The Skullball activity and the main werewolf Agility course.

The Skullball course requires 25 Agility to partake in. To play this game, you must talk to the Skullball boss who will give you the skull to kick around the course. You will need to kick the skull through all the goals and into the hole at the end of the course. Choosing to tap the skull moves it one square in the direction you kicked it in, while shooting moves it around 6. This can take up to 3 minutes to complete, depending on how well you play. This course rewards Players with a maximum of 750 exp for completing the course; however, if you take too long, you will not receive the full experience.

The main course requires 60 Agility to start. When you jump onto the first stepping stone on the course, the Werewolf boss will throw a stick (located in the small area behind the pipes) for you to collect and return to the Werewolf at the end of the death-slide. Remember to pick it up or you will lose out on the bonus experience that is earned by retrieving and returning it to the trainer at the end of the course!

The last obstacle is the death slide and the only one that can cause serious damage. If you fail this obstacle, you can lose up to 300 life points. To decrease your chances of failing the death-slide, wear weight-reducing items, a selection of which is recommended here. You can not wear anything in the head slot before attempting the death slide.

The course takes around 40 seconds to complete, and upon completion, you will receive 540 experience points (including the bonus gained from returning the stick).

Summoning familiars are allowed in this area, and it is recommended that you bring one as they are a good choice for boosting energy and/or holding food.

Werewolf Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can fail?
Stepping Stones 50 No
Hurdles 60 No
Pipe 15 No
Skull Slope 25 No
Death Slide 200 Yes
Agility Bonus 190 No
Lap completion bonus None
Total 540
Average XP/h 36,700

2.9 – Bandos Throne Room

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

Upon completion of Chosen Commander, The, you will be able to use this course to train your Agility. The requirements to use this course are: 60 Agility, 60 Strength, and 60 Ranged. You will need to bring any crossbow and a Mith grapple. Temporary Agility level boosts cannot be used to enter this course.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

To get into the throne room, you can buy a teleportation sphere from Oldak in south-east Dorgesh-Kaan, or use the Fairy Rings to get to Yu’biusk (dial BLQ to get there). When you arrive here, simply open the chest to be transported to the course.

To start this course, climb onto the Goblin statue in the middle of the room. The course contains a number of jumps from statue to statue before reaching a ledge to which you grapple the throne. Upon reaching the throne, you climb down onto the floor and repeat the process. Be careful as the other statues around the room will attack you if you try to climb on to them.

The Spear grapple obstacle gives you a Ranged and Strength experience bonus for each lap completed (approximately 125 experience in each).

It is recommended to have around level 65 Agility before considering training here. Summoning familiars are allowed to be summoned in the arena, so you may bring one which can carry food for you.

Bandos Throne Room Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can fail?
Ork Statue 2 Yes
Ogre Statue 2 Yes
Ork Statue 2 Yes
Ogre Statue 2 Yes
Ourg Statue 2 Yes
Ogre Statue 2 Yes
Ork Statue 2 Yes
Ogre Statue 2 Yes
Ledge 2 No
Spear Grapple 362 No
Lap completion bonus None
Total 380
Average XP/h 34,200

2.10 – Dorgesh-Kaan Caves

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Dorgesh-Kaan Agility course is located in the southern part of Dorgesh-Kaan. You must have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest to access the course. The course requirements are 80 Agility and 80 Ranged You will also need a light-source, such as Oil lamps or Bullseye lanterns, as the caves aren’t lit.

There are two different routes a player can take during this course. One route requires any crossbow and Mith grapple, while the other does not. Each route allows you to carry an item from the old furnace to Turgall but different items cannot be brought through certain obstacles. Below is a table showing what items can be brought back on what route.

If you choose to use the Grapple path, you will gain 72 Strength and 643 Ranged experience for travelling through this path once, so returning to Turgall through this path will give 144 Strength and 1286 Ranged experience. Use this route if you would like to gain some Ranged experience along the way.

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can fail?
Tightrope 25 Yes
Swing Cable 22 Yes
Swing Ladder 25 Yes
Squeeze Through Gap 7.5 No
Tunnel Crawl 7.5 No
Grapple 18 Yes
Completed Route (Non-Grapple) 159 No
Completed Route (Grapple) 54 No
Agility Bonus Non-Grapple Path 2057 No


Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Routes
Item Grapple Route Tunnel Route
Capacitor Yes No
Fuse Yes No
Meter Yes No
Powerbox No Yes
Lever No Yes
Cog No Yes

The average experience per hour for this course is 60,000.

2.11 – Gnome Stronghold Advanced Route

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

The Gnome Stronghold Advanced Agility Course is located in the south-east corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and requires 85 Agility. It is an extension of the regular Gnome Agility course, and deviates slightly after you climb up the Branch obstacle. You will stop failing the obstacles in this course at level 89 Agility.

Gnome Stronghold Advanced Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Log balance 7.5 No
Net climb 7.5 No
Branch climb 5 No
Branch climb 25 No
Signpost run 25 Yes
Pole swing 25 No
Barrier jump to complete 630 No
Lap completion bonus None
Total 725
Average XP/h 67,050

If you complete 250 ‘perfect’ laps of the Gnome Stronghold advanced course, you can obtain a pair of Agile legs. A perfect lap is achieved when a lap is completed without failing any of the obstacles. These will reduce your weight by 10kg and provide decent Defence bonuses, which makes this a versatile piece of equipment. Note that you do not have to complete 250 consecutive laps; if you fail a lap in between, the lap count will not reset.

2.12 – Barbarian Outpost Advanced Route

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the  Agility course

At level 90 agility, you can train at the Advanced Barbarian Outpost course, which has the highest level requirement of any Agility course. All obstacles can be failed, so bring some food to heal yourself while training. You will stop failing this course at level 93 Agility.

To get to this course, travel north of Baxtorian Falls, up a hill and then north until you see the Agility course. Wander around it and you will find the entrance. You can also teleport directly to the Barbarian outpost using either a Games necklace or using the Barbarian Outpost teleport spell in the Lunar spellbook (after completing Lunar Diplomacy).

You cannot get into the Barbarian Outpost without proving your worth as a barbarian. To get in, you must complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. To begin the Barcrawl, talk to the guards standing at the gates. You will now have to travel around RuneScape going to different pubs and drinking all kinds of ales and beer.

Barbarian Outpost Advanced Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Experience Can Fail?
Rope Swing 22 Yes
Log 13.7 Yes
Wall run 15 Yes
Wall climb 15 Yes
Spring device 15 Yes
Balance beam 15 Yes
Gap jump 15 Yes
Roof slide to complete 630 Yes
Lap completion bonus None
Total 740.7
Average XP/h 65,313

If you complete 250 ‘perfect’ laps of the Barbarian advanced course, you can obtain an Agile top. A perfect lap is achieved when a lap is completed without failing any of the obstacles. The top will reduce your weight by 12kg and provide decent Defence bonuses, which makes this a versatile piece of equipment. As with the Advanced Gnome course, the perfect laps do not have to be consecutive. Failing a lap in between will not reset the lap count.

3.0 – Benefits of Agility

3.1 – Agility Shortcuts

There are a variety of shortcuts within RuneScape, which cut the time taken to get to certain towns, or areas. Some require specific pieces of equipment, while others can be used freely. Many of them are incredibly useful, such as the Taverley blue dragon pipe squeeze shortcut which takes one straight from the exit to the lair of the Blue dragons.

Obstacle Level Location Information
Crumbling wall 5 Falador [west] Takes you from western Falador to south of Taverley (*)
Cross River Lum (grapple) 8 Lumbridge [south] You will need a crossbow, Mith grapple, 19 Strength, 37 Ranged (*)
Rope swing 10 Brimhaven Takes you from Brimhaven to the Moss Giant isle
Scale Falador wall (grapple) 11 Falador [north] You will need a crossbow, Mith grapple, 37 Strength, 19 Ranged to use this obstacle
Stepping stones 12 Brimhaven Dungeon Allows for progress deeper into the Brimhaven Dungeon to the Black Demon room
Fence jump 13 Varrock [south] Takes you from Varrock to Lumbridge.
Monkey bars 15 Edgeville Dungeon Takes you from the northern part of Edgeville Dungeon to the Earth Warriors in the dungeon below
Underwall tunnel 16 Yanille Takes you from the wall north of Yanille to the inside of the town
Watchtower wall climb 18 Yanille Watchtower Takes you to the second storey of the Watchtower north-west of Yanille
Log balance 20 Seers’ Village, Coal Trucks Takes you from west of McGrubor’s Wood to the Coal Trucks
Underwall tunnel 21 Varrock Takes you from the Grand Exchange to the bridge east of Edgeville
Pipe squeeze 22 Brimhaven Dungeon Allows for access to the room with Moss giants
Mountain scale 25 Eagle’s Peak Useful when completing the Eagles’ Peak quest
Underwall tunnel 26 Falador [south] Takes you from southern Falador to north of the Crafting Guild
Broken railing 28 Draynor Manor Found west of the manor and allows for faster access from the west
Oo’glog shortcut 29 Oo’glog [north] Takes you further into Oo’glog
Stepping stones 30 Brimhaven Dungeon Allows for progress into the dungeon and access the Red dragon area
Stepping stones 31 Draynor Village Manor Takes you from north of Draynor Village Manor to Varrock and the Champions’ Guild
Scale Catherby cliff (grapple) 32 Catherby [west] You need a Mith grapple, 35 Strength, 35 Ranged and have completed the Fishing Contest quest (*)
Log balance 33 Ardougne Takes you from north-west of East Ardougne to the Chaos druid tower or the Combat Training Camp
Pipe squeeze 34 Brimhaven Dungeon Allows for progress into the dungeon and access the Black demon area
Escape Water Obelisk island (grapple) 36 Catherby [south] Takes you from the Water Obelisk island to Catherby. You need a Mith grapple, 22 Strength, and 39 Ranged (*)
Rock climb 37 Tree Gnome Stronghold Takes you from the north-eastern corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold to the Barbarian Outpost
Cliff side scramble 38 Al Kharid Takes you from the northern part of the Al Kharid chasm to Varrock
Scale Yanille wall (grapple) 39 Yanille You need a Mith grapple, 38 Strength, and 21 Ranged (*)
Rope climb 40 Agility Pyramid Takes you from south-east of the Agility Pyramid to Nardah
Cliff side scramble (easy) 41 Trollheim Faster navigation through Trollheim
Narrow crevice 42 Dwarven Mines Faster navigation through the Dwarven Mines
Cliff side scramble (medium) 43 Trollheim Faster navigation through Trollheim
Cliff Side Scramble (advanced) 44 Trollheim Faster navigation through Trollheim
Log balance 45 Tirannwn Allows deeper access into Tirannwn
Narrow walkway (medium) 46 Zanaris Takes you through Zanaris into the Cosmic Runecrafting altar. Failing results in 40 damage
Cliff Side Scramble (hard) 47 Trollheim Faster navigation through Trollheim
Log balance 48 Fremennik Province Takes you from north of the Sinclair Mansion to south of Rellekka
Pipe squeeze 51 Edgeville Dungeon/Varrock Sewers Takes you from Edgeville Dungeon to the Moss giant room in the Varrock Sewers
Karamja volcano (grapple) 53 Karamja volcano You need a Mith grapple, 21 Strength, and 42 Ranged (*)
Weathered wall 58 Port Phasmatys (Ecto-pool) Allows faster access to the pool of Ectoplasm
Cliffside scramble (easy) 59 Tirannwn Shortcut across Arandar
Narrow crevice 60 Trollheim Access to the God Wars dungeon
Rocky handholds 60 God Wars Plateau Allows you to escape the temple above the God Wars Dungeon into the Wilderness. This is a one-way shortcut and you cannot go back up!
Spiked chain climb 61 Morytania Slayer Tower Takes you from the Crawling hand room to the Aberrant spectre room. Ensure you have a Nose peg or Slayer helmet equipped
Narrow crevice 62 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon Takes you from the Basilisk room to the Turoth room
Climb 64 Trollheim Wilderness route One-way route that takes you from Trollheim to level 20 Wilderness; you cannot go back up!
Ornate railing 65 Temple on the Salve Takes you from the temple on the River Salve to Morytania. Requires completion of the Priest in Peril quest
Narrow walkway (advanced) 66 Zanaris Takes you within Zanaris to the Cosmic altar. Failing this will result in 80 damage
Cliff side scramble (medium) 68 Tirannwn Takes you across Arandar, allowing faster travel to Tirannwn
Pipe squeeze 70 Taverley Dungeon Takes you from the exit to the Blue Dragon room. You will not require a Dusty key
Climb rope 70 God Wars Dungeon Access to Saradomin’s Encampment. Temporary level boosts will not work
Spiked chain climb 71 Morytania Slayer Tower Takes you from the Infernal mage room to the Nechryael room
Spiked blades jump 80 Taverley Dungeon Takes you from the exit to the Poison spider area. You will not require a Dusty key
Spiked blades jump 81 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon Takes you from the Cave crawler room to the Pyrefiend room
Cliff side scramble (advanced) 85 Tirannwn Takes you across Arandar, allowing faster travel to Tirannwn
Kuradal’s Dungeon wall climb 86 Kuradal’s Dungeon Takes you from the Abyssal demon room to the Steel dragon room
Kuradal’s Dungeon wall run 90 Kuradal’s Dungeon Takes you from the Hellhound room to the Iron dragon room

* – these shortcuts can have utilities built where they are located, using the Construction skill, to save having to bring materials such as crossbows, grapples, and ropes in order to use them. For more information, see our Construction guide.

3.2 – Energy Restoration

The main benefit of a higher Agility level is the faster rate of restoring your Run energy, which is needed to run. Regardless of if you’re standing still, or resting either normally or next to a musician, a difference in the rate of gain of Run energy between several levels in Agility is noticable. This is essential for general travelling, and will save you a good amount of time. Note that it will only increase your Run energy gain and not decrease the rate of energy drain while running, which is affected by the weight of items you are carrying instead.

Resting by a musician allows you to restore energy around 50% faster than if you were resting without one. They are often placed in environments that would require you to do a fair amount of running, and are very convenient for when you need to get energy faster. These musicians are found in various places around the world. Again, a higher Agility level lets you restore energy faster in this way as well.

3.3 – Multiple Pickpocketing

The ability to pick the pockets of various NPCs two, three, or even four times at once is unlocked as your Agility level increases. When the level is attained to do this, there will be a small chance that you will pickpocket NPCs multiple times and gain extra loot, although experience is only given for one pickpocket. In the case of Master farmers, this counts as pickpocketing multiple times rather than getting more of the same loot.

Name 2x 3x 4x
Man 1 11 21
Farmer 10 20 30
H.A.M member (female) 15 25 35
H.A.M member (male) 20 30 40
Warrior 25 35 45
Rogue 32 42 52
Cave goblin 36 46 56
Master Farmer 38 48 58
Guard 40 50 60
Fremmenik citizen 45 55 65
Bearded Pollnivnian bandit 45 55 65
Desert bandit 45 55 65
Knight 55 65 75
Pollnivnian bandit 55 65 75
Watchman 65 75 85
Menaphite thug 65 75 85
Paladin 70 80 90
Gnome 75 85
Hero 90
Elf 95

3.4 – Multi-catch Fishing

If you attempt to catch any Raw tuna, Raw swordfish, or Raw sharks with the right Agility level, there is a small chance that you will catch two fish in one go. This is great for getting the extra fish to speed up the process of gathering, although experience is only granted for one of them.

Level Picture Name
35 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Raw tuna icon Raw tuna
50 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Raw swordfish icon Raw swordfish
76 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Raw shark icon Raw shark

3.5 – Barehanded Hunting

With the right Hunter level, you will be able to catch butterflies and implings without the need for a net. Implings can only be caught barehanded outside Puro-Puro. Each catch of a butterfly gives an incredible amount of Hunter experience, and is perfect for power-training. If butterflies are caught without any jars in your inventory to store them, they will automatically be released upon catching them. If implings are caught without any jars to hold them, however, they will be looted and released automatically.

Level Picture Name Experience
Agility Hunter
75 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Ruby harvest icon Ruby harvest 50 300
80 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Sapphire glacilis icon Sapphire glacilis 70 400
85 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Snowy knight icon Snowy knight 100 500
90 Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a Black warlock icon Black warlock 125 600

4.0 – Miscellaneous

4.1 – Penance Horns

Penance horns are equipment worn in the shield slot that can provide double Agility, Mining and Firemaking experience, and can be claimed for free from Commander Connad who is in the Barbarian Outpost. However, without any “experience potential”, these horns are useless. The horns can be filled by playing Barbarian Assault, which is also located in the outpost, as long as the player chooses to receive experience rewards from each round instead of role honour points. If the player has attained level 5 in at least one role, he/she can claim a Penance master horn instead which serves exactly the same purpose but can hold more potential.

Because they are able to provide more Agility experience, they are great for reducing the amount of time spent training in Agility courses. More details on this can be found in the Barbarian Assault guide.

4.2 – Yanille Agility Dungeon

The Agility Dungeon, Yanille Agility dungeon is located north of Yanille and requires at least level 40 Agility to navigate. If you want to gather herbs for Herblore, this is the place for you to collect herbs, since this dungeon is full of Chaos druids and Chaos druid warriors. The druids drop grimy herbs at a common rate, while the warriors also drop secondary ingredients such as White berries. You might want to bring a weapon, some armour, and Antipoison potions, because the dungeon contains some monsters, notably Poison spiders.

For those who have level 67 Agility, Salarin the Twisted is located at the end of the dungeon. He is a level 70 Chaos druid who can only be damaged by Strike spells. He is one of the only monsters that drops the Sinister key, which can be used to open a chest within the dungeon that contains a variety of valuable herbs, including a Clean torstol.

Yanille Dungeon obstacles
Obstacle Level Experience Can Fail?
Balancing ledge 40 22 Yes
Obstacle pipe 49 7.5 No
Monkey bars 57 20 Yes
Pile of rubble 67 5.5 No

5.0 – Training Methods
Levels 1–25

With level 1 agility, there is only one course available to you, the Gnome Stronghold Agility course. This is the best place to train your agility until level 25. You have to complete this course 91 times to achieve level 25 agility. There is no need for food here, as you cannot fail any obstacles.

Toy Mouse Training

As an alternative to training at an Agility course, those who are level 1 Agility can train it by catching a Toy mouse, which can be obtained from a player or by crafting one using a Clockworker’s bench in a player-owned house (using the Construction skill).

The general idea is to wind up the mouse, release it, and constantly attempt to catch it by rapidly clicking on it. You will gain 3 XP regardless of if you succeed or fail in catching it every time. This is best trained in a small area where the Toy mouse is easily caught, for example in the small room above the Hairdresser’s in Falador. Another location that can be used is within the deck on Captain Barnaby’s boat at the docks of Ardougne.

Levels 25–35

At level 25 Agility, you now have two options: you can stay at the Gnome Stronghold and train to level 35, or you can play the mini-game Skullball, which offers good Agility experience.

If you decide to stay at the Gnome Stronghold, you will have to complete the course another 169 times. However, you may find it easier to complete a course rather than a mini-game as there is less thinking involved.

If you choose to play Skullball, you must have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. Food is recommended for lower level players, as there are monsters around the entrance to the course. The course itself, however, will not contain any obstacles that will deal damage. The objective is to get the skull through all of the hoops in as little time possible. If you can do it in less than four minutes, you’ll get 750xp. For every few seconds over four minutes, you’ll lose about 10xp. If you can manage to get 750xp every time (it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it), you’ll only have to do the course about 20 times.

Levels 35–40

The Barbarian Outpost course is now available to you. As usual, you may want to bring some food with you as you can fail obstacles, which will hurt you for up to 50 life points. This course is relatively fast experience; it will take 30-45 minutes to level up. In order to reach level 40 Agility, you must complete the course 281 times.

Levels 40–52

Every obstacle in Brimhaven’s Agility Arena is now passable at level 40 Agility, but it is still fairly easy to fail most of them at such a low level. If you decide to go there anyway, carry about 500gp and lots of food. You will need about 200 Agility arena tickets, provided you turn in 100 at a time for the extra experience. You’re almost there!

If you feel you are failing too much, you can go back to training at the Barbarian Outpost. However, once you reach level 45, using the arena is strongly recommended, as the experience is considerably faster.

Levels 52–75

The Wilderness course is your best option here, as the Agility Arena in Brimhaven will not be as fast at this point. While training here, be on the lookout for other players who may intend to fight you, and make sure you only bring food and lightweight, non-valuable items, and perhaps some Antipoison potions as if ill-prepared, you may die and lose your items. You get 571.5 experience per run, so after 1,902 runs of the course, you’ll have 75 Agility. At any point in time, you can go back to the Agility Arena to train if the training is getting mundane.

Most players are familiar with Brawling gloves (agility) which give an experience bonus when worn while training stats. This is increased greatly to a massive 400% of regular experience when you use them in the Wilderness, although it is very easy to come across other player killers here. See our Brawling gloves guide for more details.

Levels 75–85

At level 75 Agility, it is impossible to fail any obstacles at the Ape Atoll course, allowing for reliable experience from 75 to 85. You will not need to bring any food for this course anymore, so gaining experience from this point onwards will be safe and straightforward. This may be a good time to begin charging your Penance horn if you have one and are able to do so reliably. Continue training at this course until you reach level 85.

Levels 85–90

You now have access to the Advanced Gnome Stronghold course, and experience gains rise slightly. You now have the option to complete 250 flawless laps in this course for a pair of Agile legs. If you are somewhat impatient and would like to claim an Agile top at a lower Agility level, you can use any one of the available Stat enhancers available in the game to temporarily boost your level. For example, a bite of Summer pie boosts your level by 5. This allows you to gain access to the Advanced Barbarian Outpost course at level 85, but doing your 250 laps this way will cost you more the lower your level is.

Levels 90–99

Since you don’t fail a lot this level, the advanced Barbarian Outpost course is the best choice from here until 99. However, if you would like to train at an alternate course to make your training a little more varied, you can try the advanced Gnome Stronghold or Ape Atoll courses. These also grant high experience rates, although are slightly slower.

6.0 – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does having a higher Agility level make you run faster?A: No. Though you gain your energy points back faster, and therefore can travel further distances faster, your running speed is not increased when you have a higher Agility level.

Q: Does the energy-restoring bonus work on free worlds as well?A: No, it does not. Agility used to have an effect in free worlds, but it was changed as of 9th June 2009.

PvP – President versus President!


Image via Wikipedia

It’s Presidents Day in the US on Monday 21st February and to celebrate it in true RuneScape style, we thought it would be a perfect excuse for some more Wilderness carnage!

So, for each of the 44 presidents who have served the United States, we have given them a dedicated F2P world – find the list of worlds here. All you have to decide is which of the presidents is your favourite, go to that world and start fighting!

We will track kill counts for each world and update them on this forum thread; the world with the highest kill count for Monday means that is clearly your favourite president! Who said extreme violence couldn’t be informative?

You brought back the Wildy…now you can prove it!

You never cease to amaze me, and that’s never been truer than last month, when over 1 million of you took part in bringing back the Wilderness by voting for its return in our biggest-ever poll. We couldn’t have brought back the Wilderness without your votes and support, so, to celebrate the vital part you played in its return, we are creating a unique piece of art featuring the username of every single one of you who helped bring it back.

We plan to make this piece of art available for you to view on our website next Tuesday, so, from then, each time you tell someone that YOU helped bring back the Wilderness, you’ll be able to prove it!

Your 1 million names will be brought together to proudly state “We brought the Wilderness back!” and, so, if you voted for it, you will find your RuneScape name immortalised in this glorious tech art.

Being a part of RuneScape history is a big deal and it’s very likely that you’ll want to show your friends that you contributed to this great event. So, if you’re a Facebook user, you will be able to view the image on, log in using your Facebook login details, zoom in on the artwork and ‘tag’ yourself!

Having never attempted anything like this before, it would be incredible if we could get everyone who voted to tag themselves on the image to show the world the power, strength and size of our fantastic community.