For boxed armour sets, see Item set.

Armour includes items that can be equipped and provide defence bonuses during combat. It reduces the chances of being hit, with some of the armour also reducing damage taken. Armour comes in many varieties for each combat class. Good armour is also recommended when you try to attack monsters higher than your level; having higher defences gives less of a chance the monster will do damage to you. It is optimal to have the best armour you can afford and are able to wear.

Main article: Armour/Melee armour

Melee armour is usually made from metal, and is strong but heavy. Metal armour provides strong bonuses to defence against melee attacks and ranged attacks, but tends to provide zero or, more commonly, negative bonuses towards magic attacks. The typical combat triangle goes like this:

– Melee beats Ranged

– Ranged beats Magic

– Magic beats Melee

However, these are subject to change from fight to fight when one takes into consideration differences between overall levels of combat, levels of a certain skill, and amulets or other accessories that can make a major difference in combat.


Ranged Armour

Main article: Armour/Ranged armour
  • Ranged Armour tends to be more flexible material, like Leather or Dragonhide.
  • Ranged Armour is capable of defending against light attacks, but full on melee attacks will not be well protected.
  • Ranged Armour also dispels Magic fairly well, while negatively impacting Magic Attack, though not as much as Plate Armour.
  • Ranged Armour offers the necessary mobility for Ranged Attack bonuses which most player wear them while using Ranged Attack.

Magic ArmourEdit Magic Armour sectionEdit

Main article: Armour/Magic armour
  • Magic Armour is not “armour” per se. It is more in the line of robes and other similar garments, but there are a number of more protective magic items. Some of these items give a bonus to your magic defensive levels which can be seen in the armoury tab.
  • Magic ‘armour’ is known for being very weak, and is preferable for magic casting, offering no negative influence, and not amplifying magic attacks. However, lightweight robes do not stop arrows or swords well, and therefore fall short in terms of protection against them.

Prayer Armour

Main article: Armour/Prayer armour
  • Prayer armour is not as often meant for protection, but lowering the rate at which prayer points drain.
  • Prayer armour is more diverse in terms of types of armour available, including items from all three forms of the combat triangle, generally providing decent, although not outstanding defence. A large portion of Prayer armour, similar to Magic armour, is however more in the line of robes, although it is this category that often provides the highest bonuses.

Highest Bonus ArmourEdit Highest Bonus Armour section

Highest Bonus Armours are the best equipment sets available for certain bonuses. Armour includes items that can provide bonuses during combat. These bonuses include attack and defence. These bonuses help boost or protect against the different attack styles. An example would be Vesta, for strength bonus.


Main article: Defenders

It is a debated subject whether or not a defender is considered armour, because it is wielded in the players left hand and does give some attack bonuses, as well as defence bonuses. A defender can be won in the Warriors’ Guild by slaying Cyclops. Many melee warriors will use a defender in hand-to-hand combat because of its various bonuses. These defenders are – however – not able to be traded or sold to any other players in Runescape. The newly added dragon defender is the most ideal defender for a melee warrior.

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