Runescape Guide to Moneymaking and Gold

Money! It is a necessity in each online life you create. It is the universal medium of exchange, and of course, can be extremely hard to obtain. This guide shall present tips and tricks used to earn money, and hopefully assist you in your money-making experience.

Making and spending money is a fundamental part of RuneScape. It can be used to train your skills, and to buy special items.

What this guide contains:

  • From making to merchanting: This section incorporates how to earn money and what to merchant with when you get into each specified range.
  • Utilizing your Skills: This section gives in-depth information on how to make money, allowing you to reach your potential, using your skills to make money.
  • Combat and Monster Drops: As we all know, NPC’s drop items! This section divulges the best monsters to kill, to obtain useful items and to make money with.

The Neolithic (New Stone Age) period, c.c 10,000 years ago, saw the first known European merchants. Since then, there have been very few changes in the barter (trade) system, in the way of ideals. However, there has been much advancement in people’s bargaining power, knowledge of worth, and acquisitiveness, allowing for … “win-win” in most situations. To be a successful merchant, as many may already know, is not a matter of “win-win”; it’s a matter of “win-happy with what they got”.

2.0 From 0gp to 100,000gp

To get a kick-start, the best thing to do is gather a lot of items, before selling, as people tend to pay more in bulk. Once you have your 100k, we’ll discuss how to turn that into more.

There are a few options you can choose from here, to get up to 100,000gp. These are:

Feathers are easy to obtain, and can sell for 6gp each. Simply you kill chickens for their drops, Feathers. Firstly, these can be tough to sell sometimes. If you find a buyer, ask if you can sell feathers to them permanently. Although, you must remember, people won’t need the same things forever.

What you’ll need: A weapon (preferably steel or higher); the ability to one-hit a chicken with 30 life points (about 12 strength).

Chickens! There are many farms throughout RuneScape, many with chickens (level-3). Four of the best locations are:

Chicken Coop Location Nearest Bank
Fred the Farmer’s West of Lumbridge on the way to Draynor Village Draynor Village bank
The Half-way coop Northeast of Lumbridge in the Animal Farm Al-kharid or Draynor Village bank
Falador South of Falador, on the way to Port Sarim Draynor Village Bank
Champions’ Guild South-West of Varrock, inside the Champions’ Guild; 33 Quest points required for entry Varrock West Bank

Each of the above chicken coops has up to ten chickens, each dropping around three feathers each. Assuming you can hit 3’s often (around level 15-20), this will be a great starting place to get some money. Around an hour training here – collecting the feathers – can get you around 1800 feathers – that’s 18k an hour – which is pretty good for a new player. If you save up your feathers, after around five to six hours of tedious training, you will have feathers worth 100k gp.


Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Cow Killing

Cowhides are excellent money makers for new players, because even though you can fight your own cows, you can just go around and gather other people’s off the floor. The best place to get cowhides is south of Falador (Near the crafting guild) as it is less crowded, and pretty close to Draynor Village bank. Another good place to collect Cowhides is in Lumbridge, north of the Lumbridge Castle, mainly becuase there is a bank close to there as well.

What you’ll need: Collecting Cowhides require fighting cows, or simply collecting them off the ground. If you are planing on killing cows, bring a weapon along with some armour. Bringing food is optional (If you are a low level it is reccomended), but it is easier to bring an axe (of any kind) and a tinderbox to cook your own food, since the cows drop meat.

Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Player Mining Ore

Iron ore is a great money-maker if you can mine it with one hit. Iron ore can sell for up to 210gp each.

What you’ll need: A pickaxe (preferably adamant or rune); the ability to obtain iron ore more often than not in one hit; a minimum of 30 Mining for effective collection of ores.

There are many places where one can mine iron. The trick is finding the very best. Below are a few carefully selected locations:

Mine Number of Rocks Location Nearest Bank Map
Southeast Varrock Mine 4 Southeast of Varrock Varrock East Bank Map
Dwarven Mines 5 Eastern Falador. Go down the stairs (watch out for scorpions and king scorpions) Falador East Bank Map
East-Ardougne Mine 11 North East of East Ardougne, on the way to the Legends’ Guild Legends’ Guild bank or East Ardougne South bank Map
Al-kharid Chasm Mine 12 North of Al-kharid (watch out for Scorpions) Al-kharid bank Map
Hobgoblin Mine 20 Level 32 wilderness. North of Edgeville. Edgeville bank Map

The number of rocks in a mine often has no bearing on how good or bad it is. What does have an effect is how many people are there to share the rocks with you. The best time to mine any ore is 6-11am GMT, when the servers are at their quietest.

The South-East Varrock mine is often crowded by lower levels that are leveling their mining there. If you can concentrate and get rocks before the others, a load of iron ore will come fast.

The Dwarven Mines are massive, and protected by scorpions. Just by the adamant and mithril rocks, is a row of three iron rocks. If you can get into a good rhythm, and not get attacked, one load will take around two to three minutes.

The Al-Kharid Chasm mine is also guarded by scorpions, however, after level 29 combat, they will no longer be aggressive towards you. There are three iron rocks right beside the other in the Northern part of the chasm, where you can get a full load in less than two minutes depending on who you share with.

The East-Ardougne mine is also a good place to mine iron. The bank is less than a 30 second run away, however there are often many people mining there as well.

At the Hobgoblin-wilderness mine, you’ll be able to get a full load of iron in minutes. The only hassles are the hobgoblins, possible Revenants, and the long walk to the bank.

Overall…if you find yourself getting into a continuous loop of mining, you can make up to 60k an hour. Just over one and a half hours, and you’ve got yourself 100k!

Note: For effective money making, do not try and mine in a well crowded place, come back later if possible when there are less people on, or switch worlds until you find one where your mining spot is deserted.

Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Player Killing a Hill Giant

Big Bones are a great way to make money if you can slay Hill Giants (level-28) easily. There is only one good place to slay Hill giants, and that’s Edgeville dungeon – West Varrock entrance. There is often a lot of people here, so it’s the quick and the dead. If you’re not very fast, you won’t have much luck here.

What you’ll need: Armour/weapon (preferrably rune or adamant); the ability to hit at least 80-120 frequently; about eight pieces of food (healing 8+); and a brass key (picked up inside the dungeon; enter through Edgeville to get this key first time through).

Make your way to the dungeon, and just kill hill giants until you have a full load of big bones. Anything worth less than 350gp, leave on the ground; any death, chaos, or nature runes, take, as these can stack up. One full load of big bones is 8.4-9.8k (depending on the price of big bones), every 7 minutes (depending how quickly you can kill or collect the bones); up to around 70-80k an hour.

Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Player Mining Ore

Logs can be very profitable if you have a permanent buyer.

What you’ll need: A hatchet (preferrably mithril or higher); at least 40 Woodcutting for willows; at least 15 Woodcutting for regular trees.

Some members pay around 100gp per regular log, as they can make some profit after fletching them. If you have a permanent buyer, stick with regular logs, but do it in smaller increments (loads of 1,000 or so), to make sure you don’t waste your time if the buyer decides to stop buying. The best place to chop regular trees is in Draynor forest.

Willow logs are the next step. Many members pay around 30gp per willow log, as a cheap alternative to get from around level 50 to 70 fletching. The best place to chop willows is just South of Draynor bank – around six trees are found by the water, and two dark wizards also inhabit the area. It’s only about 18k per hour, but can be worthwhile if you can’t gain money in any other way.

Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Player Mining Ore

Rune Essence can be a great money maker. It’s simple to mine, and fairly fast. Pure Essence, which is mined by Members with 30 Mining or greater. Free players and members with a mining level below thirty will only be able to mine regular essence.

What you’ll need: A pickaxe (preferably adamant or rune); the ability to gain a rune essence in one hit.

There are a few NPC’s that have the ability to teleport you into the rune essence. The closest teleporter to a bank in the Free-to-Play worlds is Aubury, in East Varrock. Simply bank at the East bank, click inside the magic store, right click Aubury, and choose the ‘teleport’ option. Mine the essence, leave via the portal, bank, and repeat. One trip should take just over one and a half minutes – that’s approximately 100k per hour.
For Members with 66 Magic or higher, Wizard Distentor in the Yanillian Wizard’s Guild is slightly closer to a bank than Varrock.

2.1 How to merchant with your money

Here comes the tricky part; merchanting.

Merchanting is all about buying an item in the GE at a low price when the price starts to rise. When it starts to drop/crash again, sell it to gain some profit. The more you buy and sell, the more money you will make. There are two ways to do this: in a clan or by yourself. Merchanting in a clan is more about Price Manipulation, and Merchanting by yourself is about going with the flow, and raising the price of items by yourself.

    Merchanting by yourself

– This requires a lot of money, and a keen eye. I will not go into details about this, although Guide to Merchanting: The Truth should explain to you everything you need to know.

    Merchanting with a Clan

– This way of Merchanting is easier, although less fair. The owner of the clan is using people to help them manipulate the price of an item they have a high amount of. The owners are basically using the members of the clan to make money for themselves. You may think this sounds unfair, and technically it is, although you can make a nice profit off this.
In order to do this, all you need to do is join the clan chat of a merchanting clan you are aware of, and the title of the Clan Chat should say an item and a price. The item is the item currently being merched, and the price is the price that the item will be dropped (sold) at. Buy however many of the item you wish to at maximum offer, and then once they read the drop price, or even a little before, sell them again at max and get rid of them. Do this, and you could make millions!

You have to be careful when buying items that are unstable, like rare items. If you buy an item for less than you think it is worth, and then the price drops, you’ve lost money. When Jagex brings new items into the game, they are always overpriced at first. Don’t hang on to new items for too long if you are trying to merchant them. However, if you can sell the new item quickly enough, you can raise the price on people who are curious about the new items.

When you move on to more expensive items (for example: Dragon Armour and barrows equipment), the money you merchant should be at a greater amount than it was before. Eventually you will be able to gain over 200k per item if you are doing it correctly.

3.0 Utilizing your Skills

Skills are a big part of Runescape. Each skill is different in it’s own way. Some skills spark an interest, and others can be boring and slow. Although if you train the skills correctly you’re able to make a nice profit off them!

3.1 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Crafting symbol Crafting

At level 10 crafting, you can pick flax, and spin into bowstrings, which isn’t bad cash at all. Then at level 57, you can start making dragonhide armour. Granted, this can be hard to sell, but just make sure you keep your thread bumped on the forums and alch or something whilst waiting. Visit the Crafting Guide for more info on dragonhide armour levels.

For more information on how to pick and spin flax, click here.

3.2 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Farming symbol Farming

Even though many people hate farming for the lack of activity it sometimes requires, it can be quite profitable. At level 32 you can grow Ranarr weeds, which is great, because even though it doesn’t make you as much money as many other things, you can do something else to make money while growing the ranarrs. This is really the only highly-profitable way of making money for farming, but it’s advised that you grow something such as limpwurt roots, or marigolds beside your ranarrs to earn a little extra cash. Collecting the Branches from the trees you grow can also be a great profit!

3.3 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Fishing symbol Fishing

This is another well prefered way of making money. It isn’t as fast as runecrafting, but it’s a lot less demanding in the respect that it involves less clicking. This is because you can click on a fishing spot and then read a forum or browse the web. At 76 fishing, you can catch and sell sharks. I don’t recommend cooking sharks, as it decreases their value, you’ll burn some, and it requires more time. Before level 76 Fishing, you can fish things like Monkfish, Swordfish, or Lobsters for money.

3.4 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Fletching symbol Fletching

This skills has it’s ups and downs. It’s quite nice, because you can make fairly fast cash with yew longbows at 70 fletching. The only problem is, this skill can be extremely boring, but if you can hang through it, your patience will be rewarded. There are several ways to make money by using the fletching skill, so don’t feel you are only limited to one method.

3.5 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Hunter symbol Hunter

Hunter is a great skill to help make money with. First off, there are Chinchompas at level 53, which can be sold for a decent amount of cash. Later on in the skill, you will be able to hunt Red Chinchompas, which is basically the key thing to hunt with hunter. They give great EXP, as well as good cash. The only downside to this is that they can get very crowded, and there are lots of spot stealers. Another great thing to do when you get to a higher level hunter is play Impetuous Impulses. The implings you catch give great rewards when you loot them!

3.6 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Magic symbol Magic

High alchemy can be a good way to make money off of monster drops that no one will buy, or just random junk laying in your bank. Also, if you fletch your own yew longbows, or kill your own dragons and make the hides into vambraces and alch them, you can make money as well. Other spells like Charge Air Orb and Enchant Jewlery can be great for making money as well.

3.7 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Mining symbol Mining

This skill is usable at all levels, high or low. At level 85 Mining, you can milk the most out of this skill, because this gives you the ability to mine rune, which sells for upwards of 14k per ore. Even at just 40 or 50, this skill can rake in good cash, just by mining iron or coal, and this is one of the favorites of low-leveled players. Members can also mine Pure Essence at level 30. When mined in large amounts, you can make a lot off of this, not to mention it’s a tad faster money than iron ore, because you can use pouches to hold your ess.

3.8 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Runecrafting symbol Runecrafting

91 Runecrafting can bring you in about 1000k an hour if you try hard. At 91 runecrafting you can make double natures. This means you can make up to 106 natures depending on your inventory. Even at 44 runecrafting, using the abyss is good money at about 400-450k an hour. This amount slightly increases at 50 runecrafting with the ability to use a large pouch.

3.9 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Slayer symbol Slayer

Most slayer monsters have quite good drops, this can be from runes to items as rare as an abyssal whip! Slayer can be profitable, but taxing at times. Infernal Mages drop quite a bit of death runes, which can be sold for profit.

3.10 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Smithing symbol Smithing

This can be a good way to make money depending on what level your smithing is. A very popular way of making money out of this skill, is smithing steel bars (Level 30 smithing is required). 1 Steel bar requires 1 Iron ore and 2 Coal ores. You can make good money an hour by doing this, but also it is good to make/sell large amounts of steel bars. At high levels this rune items are great cash. Buy rune bars or ore and make into sets and sell. Cannonballs are also good money, but rather slow and boring. You can also buy iron ore, and smith them into iron bars. That will make you some profit. Don’t forget to wear your ring of forging!

3.11 – Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Woodcutting symbol Woodcutting

Woodcutting is a great way to make money at all levels. Though you can sell almost every type of log because they are so popular, here are the most common ones. Willow trees are great to cut at a low level until you can cut yews. Its good money as well. Once you hit 60 woodcutting you can go straight to yews (Not recommended until you reach a higher level) or keep on willows until you raise your woodcutting level higher. Once you start yews, you will find this is a great way to make money. Just like willows, keep cutting until at least level 80 (Cutting magic trees at level 75 is pointless because it is so slow). Once you raise your woodcutting high enough, making money from woodcutting will be a snap.

4.0 Combat and Monster Drops

Zybez RuneScape Help's Money Making Combat Image

Killing monsters is another good way to make money. A good idea is to kill monsters for dragon drops. Even though these drops are rare, most of them are worth the time it takes to obtain them. Look at the Dragon Drops guide to see what monsters drop dragon armour and weapons. Different monsters drop different items of different value. While a goblin can drop a few gp, a steel dragon can drop very valuable items like dragon legs. You can make money at any combat level by fighting monsters.

As a low level, when fighting guards and other low level creatures, you will get lesser amounts of money and items that aren’t valuable. If you are looking to get money and a variety of items, try fighting higher level creatures like fire giants or dragons. Here are two good examples of things you can kill for good drops which sell for money:

Blue Dragons (60+ Range)

Best place to do this is Watch Tower Quest Dungeon. Just full up your inventory with hides and bones and use a Ring of Duelling to teleport to Castle Wars Bank. Walk back and repeat.

Fire Giants (60+ Range)

Waterfall Dungeon is best for this. They drop Rune Scimitars, Dragon Meds, Dragon Left Halves, and Half keys. They also drop rune arrows and ranarr weeds quite often. You can also melee here, but 70 attack, strength, and defence are recommended for that, as well as the use of sharks so that you don’t have to bank too often.

Player Killing

Once you learn how to kill another player, you can bring in a postive cash flow. Although this can be a dangerous way to make money, some players find it a useful tactic. Going into a PvP world will bring you into the wilderness where you can attack other players to take their items. Of course, you have to have experience before you go into the wilderness trying to kill people, so make sure you check out the Player Killing guide.

Clue Hunting

Many monters in RuneScape drop clues. Although clues are not tradable, if you finish hunting the treasure waiting for you, it can pay off if you sell the treasure you get. Especially with the new Treasure Trails can be a fine way to make money, but depend much on luck. It is said that Jellies and Hellhounds drop the most clues. Click here for information on solving clues.

Another great way to make money is fighting bosses. This takes a high amount of skill and concentration. One great group of bosses that are quite popular are the 4 bosses down in the God Wars Dungeon. There is a high risk of death, but with that comes a great chance of high profit.

Note: When you are fighting monsters, you are less likely to get a steady income as their drops are random. Monsters like green and blue dragons are therefore a more pleasing option for making money because the give you steady cash flow.

5.0 – Mini-Games

Zybez RuneScape Help's Money Making Mini Game Image


This is the highest grossing mini-game. The only problem is it depends on luck. It enables the ability to access a chest and gain items that sell for lots of money. For more information on Barrows, click here.

Pest Control

This doesn’t give much, but if you are leveling combat, it adds up. For every game you win, you recieve your combat level times 10 in coins. For example, if you are level 80, 80 * 10 = 800gp. As said, this doesn’t give much, but if you are a high level combat and you are training your skills, it can be worth it.

Pyramid Plunder

When you loot, earned or chests you recieve items that can be sold to Simon Templeton in the Agility Pyramid located in the desert. Gold items sell for more than stone and stone sell for more than pottery items. Granted, even the best artifacts only sell a few hundred gp each, it adds up after a large chunk of playtime.

6.0 – Daily Events & Activities

Every day you are able to do 5 daily activities. Buying/collecting Pineapples, Seaweed, Flax, Buckets of Sand, and Battlestaves. You are able to check your earnings in your kingdom whenever, but it is suggested you wait a week or so before collecting them again.

6.1 – Seaweed & Pineapples

You can buy both seaweed and pineapples every 24 hours at Arhien in Catherby, by the docks. He sells pineapples for 2 gp each, and seaweed for 2 gp each. He will sell you 40 pineapples a day, and 80 seaweed a day. Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Seaweed and Pineapple Buying

You can use seaweed nets to carry more sea weed so you make less journeys to the bank.

6.2 – Flax

You can easily run to the flax fields from Catherby, it’s just to the west. Whilst wearing a Seers Headband 1 2 or 3, talk to Geoffrey and he will give you flax according to the level headband you have (1=30, 2=60, 3=120). While you are here, you might as well fill up your free 27 spaces of inventory with flax. After you have all your flax, you can string them all into bowstring while you are in seers. To learn how to spin flax, and ways to make it faster, go here. You can do with once every 24 hours. Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Collecting Flax

6.3 – Buckets of Sand

You can only collect sand if you have completed The Hand In The Sand quest. You collect sand from Bert in Yanille. If your house is in Yanille, teleport to your house, if you have unlocked Watchtower teleport, teleport to the Watchtower, and if you can’t do either of these things, teleport to Castle Wars via Duel Ring or Balloon and walk east. Bert is in a small house to the east of the PoH portal. Talk to him and he will send 84 buckets of sand straight to your bank. You can do with once every 24 hours. Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Sand Collecting

6.4 – Battlestaves

You can buy Battlestaves from Zaff in Varrock Square. The amount you can buy depends on how far you’ve gotten in the Varrock Achievement Diary. It costs 7k per battlestaff, and in order to collect more than 8 Battlestaves a day, you must be wearing your Varrock Armour! Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Battlestaff Buying

6.5 – Kingdom Management

In order to Manage your Kingdom, it requires completion of the Throne of Miscellania quest, and it is suggested that you complete the Royal Trouble quest. In order to manage your kingdom, you must have community rating. In order to gain community rating, you do work around the kingdom. For instance, chopping logs for Lumberjack Leif, or mining for Miner Magnus, all of these things bring up your rating. If you want to gain rating faster, the Fremennik sea boots 3(obtained from completing the hard Fremennik diary) speed up the rate you gain rating at by a noticable amount. Once you have 100% rating, it’s time to manage your kingdom (You will get a notice in your chatbox once you reach 100%). Head over to the Western castle, go up a flight of stair and head to Advisor Ghrim and he will help you manage your kingdom. For a guide on kingdom management, check out Zybez’s Kingdom Management guide, or Zaoir’s Guide To Effective Kingdom Management for more in-depth details. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Kingdom Management

7.0 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I avoid being scammed out of my money?A: Look here for more infomation on common scams and how to protect yourself from them.

Q: How will I know what to Merchant?A: Only merchant items you know will go up in price. Taking a look at the Runescape Official Item Database to see what items are going up, and which are crashing. Never buy anything that is starting to go down, because most likely you would lose cash.

Q: No one wants to buy my merchanting items, why?A: There are several reasons for this. Most likely is that you’re selling something of no or little demand or you are selling it for an absurd price. For example, no one will want to buy 1k pots because they have no need for them. Before merchanting, always make sure there is a market for the item, or you will go with little or no profit.

Q: What’s the best way of making money?A: There is no true way of making money that is the best. If we put a poll up and asked people how they made money, it would be mostly even in all categories. Whatever one of the ways is best for you is what matters.

7.1 – Contributors
  • Ben_Goten78 – Starting a skeleton and discussion of the guide

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