Runescape Cities: Bandit Camp (Desert)

The Bandit Camp is a popular destination both for training, and the famous Desert Treasure quest. While far away from civilization, it is relatively easy to reach by magic carpet. The bandits are strongly against any symbols of the Gods Saradomin and Zamorak, and as such, are aggressive to any players who dare challenge their beliefs.

Special Attractions
Training Spots

The main attraction of the Bandit Camp is undoubtedly that of the training the bandits offer. If a God Symbol, i.e. God Cape, book, etc is worn while in the presence of a bandit, they will automatically attack you. This situation offers an ideal training environment, and is popular among the higher level players

There are three main training spots. The first can be found in the most north-eastern house. The second can be found at the entrance of the south-eastern tent, and the third can be found inside the large building in the southern half of the camp. It is advised that you do not attempt to train in the pub, as all of these areas are multi-combat zones, and the Pub holds the level-74 bandits; unlike the other spots previously mentioned, which house the level-57 bandits.

Miscellaneous Information

Take a Magic Carpet from the “Rug Merchant” just outside the gates at the Shantay Pass for 200gp to the Bedabin Camp. From there, walk south for a short distance. Waterskins aren’t needed since it’s within safe walking distance.

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Runescape Cities: Al-Kharid

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Al KharidAl-Kharid is a great place for Mining, Crafting, and Smithing. Many quests are featured in this area and the scenery is very interesting.

Special Attractions
Toll Gate

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the west Toll GateTo enter Al-Kharid, there are two main ways: from the north and from the west. To enter from the west, you must pass through a Toll Gate where you must pay 10gp to the guards. When you have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest, you can pass for free. Alternatively you can enter Al-Kharid the long way, near the Al-Kharid Chasm.


The tanner will tan Cowhide to Leather for 1gp, Hard leather for 3gp, and all Dragonhides for 20gp each. He may not be the closest tanner to a bank, but he is easier to get to than most other tanners are.

The Shantay Pass

To gain access to the dry desert, you need to speak to Shantay, and give him a Shantay pass that can be bought for 5gp. This requires being a member.

Duel Arena

The Duel arena is a fun place to duel people and to watch others duel. For more information on this area, look at our Duel Arena Guide.

Sorceress’s Garden

The Sorceress’s Garden is a Thieving related minigame where the purpose is to make your way through a small maze in one of four seasons to pick the special Sq’irk fruits and make special drinks out of them to give to Osman. You can also choose to pick a herb allotment instead of the Sq’irk. Please see our Sorceress’s Garden mini game guide for more information.

Al-Kharid Chasm Mine

This is a very good mine filled with a variety of rocks which is quite far away from a bank and has annoying scorpions guarding the mine. Low-level miners may have to be cautious of them. For more information about the Al-Kharid Chasm Mine look at our Al-Kharid Chasm Mine guide.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Al-Kharid Chasm Mine

Miscellaneous Information
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  • Duel Arena
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